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Profiles’ assessments are thoroughly researched in every step of development.  A technical manual that verifies validity and reliability backs up each instrument.

Profiles International confidently stands behind its products knowing that they are effectively utilised by thousands of their clients everyday.  Qualified professionals, following the guidelines for test development endorsed by the American Psychological Association, conducted the research, which led to their development.  Profiles is proud to put its name on every product that they provide and are pleased to furnish clients with the many benefits that Profiles assessments provide for them—helping them place the right people in the right jobs. 

Who Designs Profiles’ Assessments?
Each product is designed to meet the specific business needs of clients by a specialised Product Development Team.  This team is headed by Dr. Scott Hamilton, Profiles’ Senior Vice president for Research and Development, a project manager from Profiles’ R & D staff, appropriate Profiles International staff members from Marketing and Information Systems and often a carefully selected consulting industrial/organisational psychology firm.  Profiles control the design, development, programming, testing and final production of their products. 

Developing Profiles’ Products
The research behind Profiles’ assessments supports their reliability and validity in business settings, not only in the USA but in Europe and other areas around the world.  The actual questions that are found in these products have survived a testing and selection process that has reduced as many as 500 items in a research pool down to less than 20% of its initial size.  The questions used have been researched and have demonstrated good reliability and appropriate validity in identifying a specific trait or factor.  Used as designed, Profiles’ products have become an indispensable part of the selection and evaluation process for over 20,000 Profiles International, Inc. clients. 

Profiles’ Technical Manuals
The technical manuals for Profiles’ products reflect the research and development work done as a part of the process to bring the product to you.  They have been written in clear language to facilitate their understanding.  These manuals are continually updated to reflect the results of the latest research on each product. 

Ongoing Research and Improvement
The products of Profiles International, Inc. are always evolving into more effective instruments.  Profiles are continually working with the users of its products to research the effect that using Profiles’ products has on their business.  Profiles utilise the feedback from clients, as well as the results of ongoing research, to modify the products when warranted. 

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