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A competency assessment product that unmasks areas of growth and potential in leadership or teams, while providing invaluable developmental guidelines for each individual leader!

The Enneagram is at once one of the oldest and the newest of profiling systems in use today.  Where it differs is in its emphasis on the motivational factors behind behaviour, and is not just limited to personality or behavioural traits.

In the last few decades, the Enneagram has undergone significant changes, incorporating modern psychological insights in the writings of Naranjo, Helen Palmer, Michael Goldberg, David Daniels, and Don Riso/Russ Hudson.

What is the Enneagram used for?

One of its main uses is in understanding what drives and motivates our behaviour.  These motivations do not arise randomly.  Key events early in childhood appear to influence the particular kind of coping mechanism the individual develops in order to make sense of and move through the world.  There are nine core motivational drivers or patterns, and although these have helped us in the past, they have a tendency to become stumbling blocks as we move into adulthood unless we become aware of them.  Through awareness, we can begin to run the pattern in a way that serves us, rather than let it run us.

Assessment partners, in association with our sister company, Prime Source Training, offer two Enneagram training courses.

Option 1:  Introduction to the Enneagram Model

This workshop is aimed at equipping delegates with a sound understanding of the Enneagram model

You will learn:

a) The background and history of the Enneagram.
b) The nine basic styles of behaviour that the Enneagram predicts including exploration of the predominant behavioural patterns, and the essential "drivers" of each of these patterns.
c) Your own personal awareness: delegates have the opportunity to complete the Adfen E-Scale questionnaire and receive an in-depth feedback report.

Option 2:  E-scales Profiler for Leadership/Teams

Learn how to use the E-scales Profiler for Leadership/Teams to unmask areas of growth and potential in leadership/teams, while providing invaluable developmental guidelines for each individual person.

This software tool enhances the effectiveness of leadership/team development programmes substantially and is also designed for very effective use in coaching.  On completion of training you will receive full accreditation to use this product in leadership/team development initiatives or coaching.


- Assessment of 27 basic leadership competencies essential for effective leadership/team work.
- Identification of natural strengths, as well as ineffectual leadership styles or team roles.
- Measurement of current stress levels.
- Identification of work environments likely to be rewarding.
- A specific long-term developmental path for each individual in a team to address particular competency gaps.

Format and content:

The Adfen E-scale system, based on the Enneagram-model, provides:
- A 150 item questionnaire.
- An emotional stability/stress and need for growth scale.
- A concise report highlighting strengths/developmental areas, as well as recommending specific future training measures for each individual.
- A culturally unbiased approach.
- Completed normalisation and validation studies.


Learn how to use the E-scales software system for leadership/team development and coaching purposes to its full capacity.  This course lays the foundation of knowledge to understand all its features, e.g. stress scale, the 27 competencies, developmental paths etc.  It also includes guidelines regarding interpretation of report results and how to debrief respondents.  In-depth feedback will be given to delegates through assessment of many different practical exercises during the course.

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